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Tips For Choosing Vinyl Window Frame Colors

Many homeowners choose vinyl window frames because they're an affordable option. They also maintain their appearance and structural integrity with little to no maintenance on your part. You might not realize, though, that vinyl windows have another benefit — they come in a variety of colors. So, you can choose windows that will complement both your exterior and interior.

Basic White

White is the go-to color for many homeowners. It's a basic neutral that goes with literally every décor style and house façade. What's more, white is a naturally bright color. So, when you add that color to an already-open installation — windows — you get extra light. Choose this color if you want that increased brightness and value versatility.

Complementary Black

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have black window frames. These frames are a premium option, and they will get noticed. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, black window frames will offer a high contrast trim that's especially attractive against white or very light paint. Choose black window frames if you want to define your windows as a focal point.

Neutral Tan

After white, tan window frames are probably the most popular. Like white, tan is a base neutral. However, tan window frames also have some underlying warmth. What's more, tan is less likely to show dirt buildup, which is ideal if you get a lot of wind in your area. Tan windows will complement most décor and house façades. Choose tan frames if you want a color that's easy to get along with.

Chic Gray

Gray is just as versatile as tan, but the color carries a completely different vibe. Gray is one of the most sophisticated colors. With window frames, manufacturers usually offer a couple of different gray options. So, you can choose how dark you want your window frames to be. Gray won't be quite as bold a choice as black, but these frames will stand out. Choose gray frames for a chic effect.

Naturalistic Brown

The original material for window frames was, of course, wood. Gray vinyl window frames do a good job of mimicking naturally stained wood. They offer the warmth and depth of color that make homeowners prize wood. Brown is also a neutral color, so you can combine it easily with other materials and blend it in with color schemes. Choose brown if you love the look of wood.

Consider your house décor and façade, and use the above tips to help you choose a frame color for your vinyl windows.

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