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The Top Frameless Shower Door Questions Answered

Frameless shower doors add beauty, space, and an elegant aesthetic to almost any bathroom. If you're considering a frameless shower upgrade, take a look at the top questions homeowners have answered.

Are Frameless Showers Hard to Keep Clean?

The crystal clear glass of frameless shower doors may seem like a challenge when it comes to keeping your bathroom clean. Even though you'll need to clean the glass regularly, this type of shower is no more difficult to maintain than the rest of your bathroom.

Some doors have a protected coating that reduce the need for constant cleaning. If this feature is important to you, talk to the frameless shower door installation company about your glass options.

 Even if the glass doesn't have a special coating, regular maintenance shouldn't challenge most homeowners. Ask the installer about the best products to use and whether you need special equipment, such as a squeegee, to keep the doors in pristine condition.

Will Frameless Glass Break Easily?

Durability is another major concern homeowners have. You don't want to shatter your investment days or weeks after the installation. Even though a frameless door may seem delicate, the glass is sturdy enough to withstand normal daily use. Provided you don't attempt to break the door or misuse it, the glass should last for years to come.

Do Glass Showers Present Privacy Problems?

A clear view in and out is an obvious privacy issue. But that doesn't mean you should nix the notion of a glass shower. There are plenty of design options to add privacy to your bathroom, including the use of doors, partial walls, and segmented spaces. If privacy is a major concern, talk to an interior designer about ways to create a secluded setting for the shower.

Will Frameless Glass Leak?

Without a curtain or a frame to protect the edges, many homeowners wonder if this type of shower will easily leak. Frameless showers are specially designed to hold water in. The lack of a visual barrier (or frame) doesn't mean water will seep out and into the rest of your bathroom.

Will a Frameless Shower Complement the Existing Décor?

Do you want to upgrade the shower without making major changes to the rest of the bathroom? Whether the room is a light, contemporary space or it has a more traditional design, the simplicity of frameless doors makes glass an option for any type of existing bathroom design.

Now that you have the facts on glass shower doors, it's time to take the next step. Contact a shower door company like Superior Frameless Showers in your area to start the design process and choose a frameless installation that fits your home décor needs.